Curry recipe resources


As we’re sure you already know, The Curry Bible isn’t the only curry recipe website available on the Internet. There’s all sorts of resource for the discerning Curry-ista, everything from recipe websites, community forums, on-line shops selling authentic spices and cooking equipment, the list goes on. Here’s a quick run down of some of our favourites.

A great on-line resource is the website, it’s an invaluable forum where you can find massive amounts of information from plenty of other curry enthusiasts, both newbies and veterans alike! The forum is organised really well so you can find sections for starters, main dishes, side dishes etc. There’s also a few professional Indian restaurant chefs that¬† use the forum too! Take a look here:

Although it hasn’t been updated in a long time, The Curry Sauce is an excellent website. Run by Shane and Andy, two curry loving friends the site has a few really good recipes posted, our personal favourite being the Naga / Sylhet and also some reviews and other curry related information.

Cook4One is a fantastic website, but can feel a little overwhelming for new users at first. It’s a website dedicated to cooking single portion food, which is a category BIR curry’s fit in to perfectly. The website caters for authentic Indian, BIR, Chinese, Vegetarian and other types of cuisine. The BIR section is certainly expansive and jam packed with recipes and information. There are at least five different base sauce recipes, each given a code name, so as we say, for the beginner it can be a little daunting.

Dan Toombs, AKA The Curry Guy runs the Great Curry Recipes website and it’s a cracker. Dan has also published a couple of e-books too, the seafood book is seriously worth a look. You can also get in touch with Dan on Twitter and Facebook, he’s a friendly guy, always keen to help out, give advice and generally chat about all things Curry! Dan also runs a small on-line shop where you can buy some excellent spice kits, Curry-centric cookware and the inimitable I.O.Shen knives! The Curry Guy also tends to run competitions from time to time too, so get involved!

Another useful BIR recipe website is The Curry House, the recipes posted are definitely worth a look. They too have produced a recipe book that you can purchase in both physical and electronic formats. There’s also a very useful FAQ section. Here’s the link: The Curry House

Other on-line resources that we love include:

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