BIR or British Indian Restaurant curries are quite different to traditional curries. They are cooked quickly and include a large number of precooked components. Think of it not as cooking but as construction of elements. All curries share the same “base gravy”*, this gravy or sauce is a lightly spiced soup that makes up the bulk of the sauce. To this plain base gravy we add various spices and other ingredients which turn the generic sauce in to one of many individual curries. The meat or vegetables that are used in curries are always precooked, so in the “construction” stage of the curry recipe we’re simply reheating them.* There are variations on base gravy recipes for different curries.Here’s how it works. First things first, you need your key ingredients, this means your base gravy and your precooked chicken, lamb, keema or vegetables. As long as you have these two components covered you’re on to a winner. Now add some extra bits and bobs (spices etc) and you’ve got the makings of a curry! When it comes to portion sizes, most of the curry recipes on this website serve 1, that’s it, just a single portion, which is exactly the same way it works when you order a curry in a restaurant or take away. The recipes for the key ingredients however, base gravy, precook meat and vegetables, produce varying quantities. For example the base gravy recipe will produce enough sauce for about 8 portions, the precook lamb recipe will produce enough lamb for 2 curries. The point here is that you should cook them “en masse” so to speak and store them for later use. They are all suitable for home freezing.

All recipes here are based on my own experience, variations on other recipes found on the internet or based on meals from restaurants and take away’s that have been kind enough to give me their recipes. Feel free to alter the recipes to suit your own pallet, cooking curries is an art form and you’ll develop your own style and methods given time. This is just a simple guide to get you started.

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