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Seekh Kebabs


Serves: 8


500g lean lamb mince
2 tsp. Garlic & ginger puree
1 Egg
2 tbsp. Madras paste
1 tsp. Mix powder
½ tbsp. Paprika
2 tbsp. Coriander
1 tbsp. Dried mint


Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well with your hands, you can use a food processor if you prefer. Divide the spiced meat mixture in to eight equal portsions and shape into sausages around thick skewers. Leave to marinade and firm in a fridge overnight. Cook under a very hot grill. Serve with a basic salad garnish and lemon wedges.


This kebab recipe can be used to produce many other forms of kebab, not just the Seekh.
To create a Shami Kebab, simply take the mixture out of the refrigerator, shape into a patty and fry gently for 10 – 12 minutes. Serve with lemon and salad.
To create a Reshmi Kebab, again shape the mixture into a patty but wrap each individually in a thin basic egg omelette before serving and garnish with coriander.
To create a Nargis Kofta, boil an egg until as you like it, soft or hard yolk. Peel the egg and very carefully wrap the kebab mixture around it. Then shallow fry it in a little vegetable oil until crisp and golden, serve with salad, lemon and chutneys.