Customer service is alive and well!


As part of our equipment here at The Curry Bible kitchen, we have a full set of early 1990s Le Creuset cast iron pans in brilliant white. These pans are old but just keep getting better and better with age. However, when we bought the pans they were fitted with the old fashioned wooden handles, which meant they couldn’t be used inside an oven. This needed to be remedied! We bought ourselves some replacement phenolic (oven proof) handles and some shiny new hanging rings. Unfortunately as we were changing the handle on the 18cm pan, disaster struck! The internal handle rod had sheared off! After some very colourful language and a few minutes crying we popped a tweet over to Le Creuset’s UK customer support account asking for any help or advice on how to repair the pan. At this point it’s worth pointing out that new Le Creuset pans come with a life time guarantee, however this didn’t apply to our pans as they were too old and purchased before the life time guarantee was in place. Very graciously however, Le Creuset offered us the option of sending our pan back to them using their free post service, so that their engineers could take a look and let us know their thoughts on how to repair the handle. This was great! We parcelled up the pan and sent it off, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

After a couple of days we received an email from Le Creuset explaining that as a gesture of good will they were going to replace the pan completely free of charge and asked that we let them know which colour we would like! This was utterly amazing! How many manufacturers do you know of that would replace a 20+ year old cast iron pan for free?! Well, we can answer that, just one, Le Creuset! Our new pan arrived today and is looking utterly gorgeous!
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Maria, Sarah and everyone else at Le Creuset UK for going above and beyond the call of duty and providing what can only be described as the best customer support we’ve ever received.
Vive Le Creuset customer service!

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